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Preparing your loved ones for life after your death

Organising documents on death

Having recently attended a funeral for a good friend of mine, I was reminded of the problems a death can create, aside from the actual act of dying. It appeared that, although he had organised a funeral plan, he had

What will happen in 2017?

There cannot be many people who were able to answer this question accurately in 2016. There were many “shocks” most notably the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. There were several celebrities who

Dread and Brexit

Brexit decisions

Fear causes thousands to hold off making decisions pre-Brexit Uncertainty over what will happen once the UK has left the European Union has led people to make one important decision. Not do anything until it happens. This means delaying actions

Are your investments tax compliant in Spain?

Many UK nationals resident in Spain will have premium bonds, ISAs, unit trusts, and other vehicles which, although tax efficient in the UK, are not in Spain and are therefore non-compliant for tax purposes. Tax on the growth on these

Don’t bank on low charges

For qualified advice, contact me at or call me on (+34) 96 558 7633 / 618 204 731 Banks can apply a double charge on your money. How wonderful it would be if every time you were paid your pension or other income,

Taking the vice out of advice

Financial advice

Definition of advice: to give an opinion or suggestion to someone about what should be done : to give advice to (someone). Definition of vice: bad or immoral behaviour or habits In relation to financial products offered by brokers and

Avoid Spanish inheritance tax

Avoiding IHT in Spain

Are you leaving your savings open to unnecessary Spanish Tax? For qualified advice, contact me at or call me on (+34) 96 558 7633 / 618 204 731 Savings with UK banks and investment companies could form part of a

¿Entiendes lo que tienes?

Understanding Spanish inheritance tax

Contact me today on (+34) 96 558 7633 or email to see how we can help. Why invest in a Spanish bank or investment product? For a UK Expat in Spain this could cause Spanish inheritance tax issues.  Also, does

What have your savings produced in the last 12 months?

Investment management

Contact me today on (+34) 96 558 7633 or email to see how we can help you. Which of the following reflects where your money has been? Savings account         +0.5% to 2% (before tax)* FTSE100          

Savings and tax solutions in Spain

Investment risk or call me on (+34) 96 558 7633 Stockmarket falls and low interest rates Have you seen your investments struggle over the last few months? This could be the case if you have been invested in the stockmarket. Most people

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