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What will you receive from your pension scheme?

Pension fund transfer out

Should you transfer your pension fund to a SIPP or QROPS? There are a number of reasons why people who have money in pension schemes should be looking closely at what they expect to get out of them. Brexit has had

What will happen in 2017?

There cannot be many people who were able to answer this question accurately in 2016. There were many “shocks” most notably the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as President of the USA. There were several celebrities who

Dread and Brexit

Brexit decisions

Fear causes thousands to hold off making decisions pre-Brexit Uncertainty over what will happen once the UK has left the European Union has led people to make one important decision. Not do anything until it happens. This means delaying actions

Is your future pension secure?

Final Salary Pension Fund

“Gold plated” Final Salary (Defined Benefit) pension schemes may not be able to pay out promised income. Reported that 83% of Final Salary schemes are in deficit and deficits total £1 Trillion.* Threat of reduced income and increase to pension

Taking the vice out of advice

Financial advice

Definition of advice: to give an opinion or suggestion to someone about what should be done : to give advice to (someone). Definition of vice: bad or immoral behaviour or habits In relation to financial products offered by brokers and

Tracing pension funds

Low risk, stable investments with Prudential

For qualified advice, contact me at or call me on (+34) 96 558 7633 / 618 204 731 There are billions of unclaimed pension funds which will ultimately end up in the Treasury´s pocket if they remain unclaimed. In fact, it

How tax free will your pension fund be?

Tax rates for pensioners

Are you planning to access your UK pension fund from 6th April 2015? Who and what type of pension scheme is eligible? Will all pension companies allow access to funds? What tax will automatically be deducted by the UK and at

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Pension freedom or tax windfall?

Pension planning for expats

For qualified advice, contact me at or call me on (+34) 96 558 7633 / 618 204 731   Are you prepared for the pension changes? If you are 55 or older on 6th April 2015, you may have the

Releasing all your pension fund could be doubly taxing

Spanish tax calender

Contact me today on (+34) 96 558 7633 or email to see how we can help. From 6th April 2015, those over 55 will be able to release all of their money from private pensions to do with as they wish.

Pension reform in the UK

Call (+34) 96 558 7633 / 618 204 731 or email SHOULD YOU TRANSFER YOUR PENSION FUND TO A QROPS? The UK Chancellor, George Osborne, has outlined, in a statement, further information on the proposed UK Pension Reforms, following completion of

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