Funeral Plans in Spain

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A pre-paid funeral plan means not only that your wishes are respected in every detail, but also your family has nothing more to pay, no matter how many years pass between taking out the plan and needing the service.

The plan is inflation-proof, protecting your executors from the rising costs of funerals, and covers all the costs pertaining to the funeral, not just the funeral directors’ expenses but all disbursements and administration costs too – There are no hidden costs just one easy to understand price.

Planning means you get precisely what you wish for, burial or cremation, repatriation to your home country, a church service or civil ceremony, the right choice of music ~ you can even change your mind as the years progress and as your circumstances change.

Furthermore each plan provides a dual country cover so if you live part of the year in Spain and the UK (for example) your plan will cover you for a funeral service in either country.