Tracing pension funds

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There are billions of unclaimed pension funds which will ultimately end up in the Treasury´s pocket if they remain unclaimed. In fact, it could be as little as 6 years from the retirement date before the pension holder loses their entitlement. Of course, trustees and insurance companies should make every effort to trace these people but for someone who has worked for a number of different companies and lived at several addresses, tracing a pensioner could be pretty tricky.Low risk, stable investments with Prudential

It would be useful if people update companies of their whereabouts but some people may not even know they have a pension. Just in the last two weeks I have been able to locate pension funds for people who had little or no idea of their existence. To suddenly be able to access cash has changed the financial outlook for these people.

If you believe that you have a pension fund lurking from some previous employment, or you think that you may have paid into a personal pension at some point, contact me. I cannot work with nothing so I will need details of the companies you worked for or paid premiums to.  With our pension tracing service, we could uncover a pot of money you thought you had lost or you never knew about.

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